Your Photos & Memories Of Amerikanis & Britanis!

Thank you to all who have taken the time to contribute.

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 Maggy Volovinis  Constant contact !  Crew/Children's Hostess Britanis, Australis & Ellinis

Maureen (Mo) Crispin   Even more constant contact!  Crew/Social Hostess Amerikanis

Chris & Suzanne Hammond  Constant contact.  Crew/Barber/Shop/Hairdreser Amerikanis Britanis Patris & ships of other lines

Bill Lee  Constant contact. Ship's Historian

Patrick Livings  Contact March'01  Crew/Gym Instructor, Masseur, Stage Manager Britanis, Ellinis, Victoria

John Carr  Contact Jan'02  Crew/Photographer Britanis, Australis, Ellinis, Victoria, Romanza & Bon Vivant

Braulio Mercader   Contact February '02  Passenger Amerikanis

Umberto Napoleoni  Contact Oct'02  Passenger Britanis  

Wendell Burchall Jnr.  Contact Oct'02  Resident of Bermuda, observer of Amerikanis

Sonia Beracha  Contact November '02 Relative of passengers Amerikanis & Britanis

Linda Darrock  Contact Jan'03   Passenger Amerikanis

Barry Ramsey(page1)  Contact Feb'03  Crew/Photographer Amerikanis, Atlantis, Romanza & many  ships of other lines. (Long down load time but many super pics!)

Barry Ramsey(page2) Aerial shots of Romanza 

Alan Shaw Contact October '04 Crew/Photographer Amerikanis, Atlantis, Australis, Ellinis, & many ships of other lines. Fascinating career story!

John Wheeler Contact July '05 Crew/ Singer, Johnny of Shirley & Johnny Duo, Amerikanis 

Neil Farmer Contact September '06 Crew/Photographer Amerikanis

Don and Val Robertson Contact June '07 Passengers Britanis

Gabriele Micheli Contact April '08 Crew/Pianist Britanis

Sergey Tyumentsev Contact January '09 Crew member on the Russian tug Iribis that was towing Britanis when she sank


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