Wendell Burchall Jnr.  Lives in Bermuda   burchawe@ibl.bm

Living in St. David's, I watched the Amerikanis move in and out of St. George often. Sometimes from the deck of the Pilot Boat, where my father and grandfather worked. I always thought she was beautiful ship inside and out, with that great steam voice which reverberated around St. George harbour. It was a sad day when she was withdrawn from the Bermuda run, a lot of locals miss her. Unfortunately that was before I received my Pilots licence so I never got to actually pilot her but enjoy hearing the stories. I will send a picture you may not have of her at Ordnance Island and out in the Harbour lining up to depart.

Amerikanis at Ordance Island with St David's Lighthouse in background.

Amerikanis lining up for Town Cut in St George's Harbour.