Umberto Napoleoni from Milan Italy

Umberto now! (2002) 

Dear Carol, I was on the Britanis with my family in the Caribbean Sea during June/July 1991. I was only 11 years old, but I still have great memories about that cruise. I know that the ship is under the sea now, and I'm very sad about it. I still have some stuff about this cruise, like tickets, on-board-daily-paper, photos and postcards. I would like to give this stuff to this great site because I think that it's wrong to forget a Magic ship like this. Tears drop by my eyes when I start to think about the funny memories in the Casino, in the Restaurant or in the swimming pool... Britanis was a ship where my heart will leave some of his wonderful memories forever... A lot of salutes to all people that keep Britanis in heart. 

 Now me and my brother are two dance music producers and during the summer we work in the biggest discoth�que in Sardinia, if you want to spend your summer there, you will be welcome.-Umberto-

Excursion from Britanis to Key West


Mother, Alessandro, Father, Umberto and Grandmother in Restaurant

July 4th

Alessandro in the photo shop

Miami from Britanis

Near the Gift Shops