My History

Hi!  My name is Carol Mavroidaki (nee Hewlett) and I live in Southampton U.K.  with George, who I met on Britanis.  We actually got around to getting married on 26th Aug. 2005 after all these years!  (Pic of us outside the register office, no we weren't in Hawaii, we decided leis would be a bit different!).  We have two sons Alex & Nick both working in T.V. Alex & his partner Sky & our gorgeous g'kids Marley & Maxi live in Currumbin QLD OZ & we spend as much time there as we can. We are lucky that Nick & his wife Laura live very near to us! I am now retired and spend far too much time on the computer! It is frightening to think how quickly 40 odd years have gone by since I first went to sea!  George is also retired & spends his time painting, he is quite an artist.

In 1971 I flew to New York to join Amerikanis working as a hairdresser for Ocean Trading.  It was daunting that my contract was for 6 months and that I would not know anyone.   Staying in N.Y,  waiting to go on board, was frightening as everyone warned me not to set foot outside the hotel for fear of being murdered !  Anyway I survived, boarded the ship, was made very welcome by all the  British crew, and eyed up by the Greeks who did look gorgeous in their summer whites!

My cabin was CW14 (crew Washington deck).  Famous because 3 hairdressers  and 1 masseuse supposedly shared it.  Luckily the masseuse usually slept in the gym so it gave us a bit more space but we did have the luxury of a porthole and an ensuite shower room!  It was famous for the parties we used to have and was the general meeting place for all the Brits who weren't entertainers.  We were very friendly with them as well but obviously they were working in the evenings.

The hours were long and we worked hard in the salon but then at the end of the day we mere females had to go to the shop (the manager was also in charge of the salon) and clean their windows for them.  It was beneath the shop boys' dignity.  Political correctness had not been heard of then!  As we were partying most nights we were permanently knackered, wonderful!

On Chandris ships the hairdressers had Officer status (well they couldn't have managed with out us) so we had the best of both worlds and were able to enjoy the passengers public rooms and entertainment.

Not long after joining we were on the edges of a hurricane and encountered force 10 seas.  As I didn't get sea sick I enjoyed it!  The salon was closed as  all the hairdryers tipped over and the floor was covered with shampoo etc.  It was great fun trying to get across the foyers  without falling over.

I ended up staying on Amerikanis for 8 months.  It was my first ship and definitely the best because of the life long friends I made and the fun we had.


After a short spell at home I worked on a small Greek ship  called the Delphi (Efthimiadis Line) cruising the Med from Italy.  Amazing ports including Haifa, Beirut, Alexandria, Cyprus and the Greek Islands.  It was on here that I met John Grant who was my shop manager and is still a really good friend.  (I can pass on any messages for him.)  He was on many different Chandris ships and a famous, or infamous!, crew member.  I had to include this picture of us.  We were at a wedding in May 1973 &, at the time, I thought the hat was fab! 
Straight after  Delphi I was lucky enough to do the world cruise from New York on Holland America Line's Rotterdam.  Obviously it was wonderful to see so many exotic ports but I was not happy on there and missed the atmosphere of Greek ships.

Again a couple of months at home and then I joined Britanis.  It was unsettling as it was doing Med. cruises from Southampton and I was not used to coming home every 2 weeks.  I was happier when we started a round the world trip to Australia which was one of the last 10 pound immigrant trips.

 The salon was busy but not very good for us as always needing repairs.  One day we opened up to find the salon under 2 inches of water.  No problem, the air conditioning experts just stuffed the leaks with a few towels and all was well!  I have great memories of Chandris efficiency.

 Unfortunately I decided I wanted to get off, to spend Christmas at home, gave in my notice, and then met George  (mending leaks in the salon, he was the chief plumber)!  They had already found my replacement but I managed to get on again for the next run.  George and I left together in May '74 and that was the end of my sea going career!

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