> Maureen Crispin

Maureen (Mo) Crispin  Lives in Southampton UK, contact through me.

Mo & I met on Amerikanis & have been friends ever since.  It is a shared sense of humour & alcohol that keeps us together!!!  Here are her pics.


Sue, nurse, Mo & Val, information officer, San Juan Nov.'71                                      Mo, San Juan  Jan '72

Elaine, dancer & Mo Jan'72


Charles, Alan, & Alan, photographers Jan '72      Mo & Alan Jan '72  We all had our pics taken in this corner of the Library!

      Roy Clemson American Express with passengers Jan'72

      With Gary (singer) posing!!!! 1972


Fringes! March '72                                            Also March '72 Mo on deck with Melanie (singer) & Elaine (dancer)

Mo actually working!!!  Introducing passengers to Captain Ikiadis July '72

With Linda (dancer) & Toni (cruise staff) Aug.'72

  On deck in St Thomas Sept. '72

  Mo had left Amerikanis by now & was working on QE2 but was visiting as both ships met up in Martinique in Feb '73.  She is sat on what was my bunk in CW14!!!  In the middle on floor is Clive who was entertainment staff in my day.  On right is Yolanda who was also there in my day, she was the exotic masseuse!