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I was inspired to create this site after visiting Ken Ironside's excellent site all about Chandris Lines ss.Australis. S.S. Australis Homepage  

I thought what a fun thing to do!  Well it was fun once it was finished back in 1999 and now I am trying to raise the energy to make lots of improvements and bring it into the 21st Century! Thank you Ken for all your help at the time.

Another source of inspiration was Steve Mulliss's also excellent site,  about his voyages on the Australis. Steve's S. S. Australis Travel Page 

Thank you Steve for being my e-mate, for all your ideas, supportive emails, and constant encouragement, you really were a great help.

I must also thank Maggy Volovinis for supplying  me with all the latest news about the ships & information about some of the crew.  She has kept in touch with so many people over the years. Thanks friend!

Links to other Chandris related sites.

Do join our Chandris Lines group on Facebook Lots of ex Chandris crew and passengers on here and many wonderful photos.... this is where I spend all my time these days!
Wolfram Dallwitz the creator of the wonderful Facebook Page above also has his own site

A page of sad pictures of Britanis sinking

A tribute to a great liner of yesteryear by Darren Byrne: SS America - SS Australis

The American Star/Ex. Australis a web page of it's history & demise (many distressing photos) from Explorer Magazine

Other Links

A new site which has been created to provide a central place to gather information about the SS Asturias II and may be of particular interest to those passengers who came to Australia aboard her in the 1940s and 1950s when the ship saw service as a ‘migrant ship’

Scary news!  John Livings (ex crew Ellinis/Australis) has written a book called POMMY BASTARD!
You can buy it on Amazon. It is very funny as half of the book relates to the adventures of a young man's first trip working on board a Greek cruise ship in the 70,s.  Just think some of  the onboard characters he encounters may be modelled on you!!  Read a brief excerpt

John Wheeler has just launched his new site they worked on Amerikanis from May 1970, see also John's page

 The Ship Postcard Website devoted to postcards of passenger ships of all sizes Simplon Postcards

 Linda Coffman is Cruise Diva! Her site contains loads of interesting links & information

Visit another site by Steve Mulliss as he remembers the RMS Orion

Ocean Liner History & Cruise Ship News Maritime Matters

Many Excellent Ship's Photographs for Sale Table Bay Under Way Shipping

And for any local foodies out there, my other site Ladies Who Lunch Mainly in Hampshire UK  

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