Linda Darrock from Iowa USA

I was cleaning out storage closets over New Year vacation and ran across a lot of memorabilia I had saved from my two cruises on the Amerikanis (passenger-not crew) and did a search on internet and sure was glad to find your site. My cruises were Caribbean in '91 and '93. What a fabulous ship and wonderful crew. When I first walked up the gangway I expected to see Miss Marple sitting in a deck chair wrapped in a blanket and sipping beef bouillon. It was Puerto Rico so she would have been a bit warm but you get the idea. I think I explored every nook and cranny that I was allowed and maybe a few that I shouldn't. Of course Britanis was docked next to us in Puerto Rico and again in St. Thomas (actually had people from my hometown cruising on the Britanis at the same time). They were fabulous ships and we will never see their like again. Don't think I could ever handle sailing on one of the mega-liners. My only regret is that the Amerikanis couldn't have met the same fate as the Britanis. Better she should be at the bottom of the ocean than end up the bonnet of a BMW (well maybe better a BMW than a Ford). Again, thanks for the site. Linda
Amerikanis in St Lucia

Amerikanis in St Thomas

Nancie, Steward & Linda


Lunch on stern of Amerikanis in St Martin


Linda in St John (Paradise!)


 In St Martin

Linda calls this pic The Wild Bunch!!