John Carr  Lives in UK 

Dear Carol

I stumbled on your terrific page whilst searching for another subject, what a great production that you have done....... I worked on the Brit on the voyage before you joined, as well as the 2 cruises in the med, that is Voyage  12 & 12a.  as a very junior photographer!!! I joined at Las Palmas 1 week before my 18th Birthday (Purser didn't know that!!) with Jim Connoly and Bernard Hill as the other photogs.  Some where I have a host of pics from these voyages & cruises, along with a print of
Jim Connoly doing a mock hanging in the dark room as I had a slight problem loading film in the spirals, perhaps I will dig then out if your page is interested?? After the Brit I joined the Ellinis, Australis, a few Russians ships then back to the Brit for a couple of North cape cruises.  In the mid nineties I once again joined with a video production crew to shoot a travel video on board.  In between all these I worked on the Victoria, Romaza (before she hit the island) and Bon Vivant.  I was then allowed to work on P&O's Oriana for a few years!!!!
I  am now employed by the Royal College of Surgeons running the photographic department....... There are a few things that I miss from these good days at sea, however the dreaded Chandris Chunders  was not one of them!!! I can still remember the rotten stomach cramps we got now & then, I used to blame the steward in the officers mess on the Brit (small bloke with a hunch back - probably called George!) Ahhhh

Well done  on all of the hard work that you have done to produce  your Britannis web page!!

Best regards

John Carr

Ps I think I still have my life boat book somewhere too!!!!!! & I definitely remember hoping that I would not be asked a question by staffy or the safety officer!!!!

pps the pic on your front page is I think at Southampton? I remember shooting the Ellinis at the same berth when she was laid up there for a short while in '74 or '75


                                                                                          With the other photographers

                                  Britanis in Palma                                                                  Going ashore in Elba