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 The Photos: August and September 1973

Great pic from Jim Connolly (photographer)

L - R, Dennis (shop), Christine, me, Dorothy (h'dressers), Jim (photog), Mike (printer) Colin (shop) Carlo's wife, Carlo (shop manager) & ?

Ashore Ashore Ashore
Peter (shop) & me in Tenerife Dennis (shop), me, & Christine Judy & Pauline (pursers)
Colin & Mike Ashore with Rotterdam Crew
Colin (shop) & Mike (printer) In Madeira meeting up with friends I'd worked with on the Rotterdam
Ashore Ashore Ashore
Maggy Volovinis (childrens  hostess, married to Nikos Volovinis) Dennis & Christine Albaya de Gago (hairdresser, also with me on Amerikanis) Chris Venn (who was working on another ship docked in Alicante), me & Dennis

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Photos:(1) Memorabilia

Photos:(3) November '73

 Photos:(4) December '73 

 Photos:(5) Greek Easter 

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