Barry Ramsey page 2

A memorable Chandris event for me was when I was asked to shoot some aerial pictures of the Romanza.  I was instructed not to go if there was a 1% chance of a cloud in the sky because of the expense of renting a helicopter.  The assignment put me under great stress.  The big day arrived and I went to Athens airport only to be told that their helicopter had crashed!  I rearranged it for the following week when they assured me they would have another one at my disposal.  I worked out times and positions with the Captain and the event eventually went off really well except that the military man that accompanied us because aerial photography could be a security risk had to report the ship for leaving an oil trail and Chandris were fined $5000.  It was a very expensive photo.  I will dig out a copy and perhaps this will make another page for your site.  And yes you've guessed it I have a picture of me in the helicopter hovering over the ship!


Romanza in Corinth Canal

Myconos was a great  place for the 3 and 4 day cruise ships to meet.  This 1985 group picture would have been taken just after the landing pictures and before we headed for the Irish Bar.  L to R Karling and Les Lupton, ColinHarkness, Barry and Janet Ramsey, Richard Wills, Robert Emmet, Dave, and Tim Pearce.