Barry Ramsey ( Page 1) Living on the Isle of Man, UK

I have just visited your Amerikanis web site.  I was the photographer in 1972.  Just as you left I must have arrived around May 1972.  I had been on the Atlantis before that.  I was thrilled to see your pictures and recognised some old friends like Terry Gibbins and Alan Lipton.  I noticed Alan Shaw (photographer) in another picture.
I remember James the barber and I think there was another lad called Ian.  I worked a few Greek ships including the Queen Anna Maria and Olympia.  I finished up working in Piraeus where I managed a team of photographers for Marine Photo Services.
In Greece I caught up with Ikiadis, Amerikanis Captain (one of the best) and the former Atlantis Chief Engineer Panos who later transferred to the Ellinis.  He married Francis the singer on Atlantis and they sailed together for a few years.
I started on ships in 1968 and finally got off in 1989.  I wonder if our paths have ever crossed?  My name is Barry Ramsey.  I met my wife on the Atlantis and we married and then worked as a husband and wife team on many ships.
I write because your pictures brought back so many memories.  We all trod the same boards - seeing the Rockerfella Center, Docking in St. Georges and renting a moped.  Like you say what wonderful times or do I just remember being young!
Best wishes


Atlantis Officers at burial at sea.

Atlantis in Port Everglades

Barry (in middle) Birthday!


Captain of Atlantis at burial at sea. 

Chief Steward of Atlantis

Entertainers on Atlantis LtoR Twinnie1,Vanessa, Janet Ennion, Carol Henry, The Singer, John Begg, Gillian Leece, Loretta Legg, Madeline, Twinnie2

            Matt, Barry, John Heritage on Amerikanis                                        Jan, Barry, Richard, Vanessa

Atlantis Officers, Chief Engineer Panos, centre married Francis

Alan Shaw & Chris James, photogs, James the barber centre. On Amerikanis

The Statue of Liberty