Gabriele Micheli Lives in Pescia, Tuscany, Italy

In May 1985 I joined the Britanis in Norfolk (USA) to start the season as the piano player in the show on board.

On the left all The Company. I am on the floor, at the front in the middle,  wearing a white shirt.

I was then 28, but still not settled about my life and career.



I flew from London to New York but not from my native Italy. I had moved to England to follow some friends of the YMSO to the Royal College of Music, I had worked with them in Lucca in the summer of 1984. In London I studied the harpsichord and I had to survive doing odd jobs. I knew from some magazines of an audition for dancers and players to work on Fantasy Cruises, I went and I was offered the position. From freezing rain to shining sun in 15 days!  I shared  my experience with several British artists.

Left: Jenny, Nigel, Ricky and Me

We sailed from the East coast of USA, mainly from NY City going primarily to Bermuda and Nassau but also to Canada and Nova Scotia. I saw whales for the first time in my life, and the Caribbean Islands!

The most important lesson I learnt was to share our small space as a multi-ethnical staff, but also I felt enriched from the chance to get to know and speak with the huge number of passengers we met. 

Me, Vaughan and Alan

During the show


Me with 2 of the dancers

Me and Howard

Me in 2008!

When I came back to Italy in November 1985, I was made a very important offer for my career as a classical musician so when I was called by Mr. Mac Donald, the Officer of the show, I turned down the offer to return for the following season, that was a very hard decision to make!

Many of the people that I worked with remained in contact with me for at least 10 years after that summer but then slowly we lost touch. I have always been curious about the ship (which I consider my ship….) and a couple of months ago I found this site.  I was happy to discover that people have not forgotten their experiences on board the glorious Britanis.

I remember my 6 months on board as the most happy and gratifying of my life!